Why a Blasian Blog?


The term “Blasian” refers to a person of mixed Black and Asian (specifically East or Southeast Asian) ancestry.


I always knew I was different. Growing up biracial in the American South, I knew no one else with parents who were not of the same race (other than my sister). As I got older, I did meet other mixed race people, but not until college did I meet someone like me – of black and Asian ancestry.

For the longest time, I felt extremely unique, which was not necessarily a good thing. I became used to being singled out and often felt alone. There were no role models for me. I rarely saw anyone who looked anything like me. There was no one like me.

Humans have an inherent desire to be a part of a group. Where was mine? It seems as though I have always been searching for people like me. This blog is a manifestation of that. This will be a forum in which I can share my discoveries of noteworthy blasians with other blasians, parents of blasian children, those in black/Asian relationships, and anyone else who may be interested in blasians, their impacts, and their experiences. With this blog, I will attempt to define what it is to be blasian. This blog will serve as a narrative of the blasian existence.